Humanities status awarded to Cromwell

Geography is very proud to be one of the subjects associated with our Specialist Status bid for Humanities. We found out in late July that we have been successful and will begin receiving the recognition and funding that Specialist Status brings in the Autumn. This is excellent news for Cromwell and the wider community of Chatteris and Fenland.

File sharing suspended

Apologies to anyone who has been attempting to download information from our 4shared site as advertised in the links on the right of this page. This includes all files shared for GCSE, visiting teachers, and A level students. This is because wipe their users accounts if we do not log in at least every month. Unfortunately owing to the summer holidays our work has disappeared. We hope that it will be possible to reinstate some of this information before long.

In the meantime, well done to our A level students who got some cracking results - nothing below a D in both AS and A2. My thanks to Dr Peryer and Miss Harris for their hard work, and of course the students who did so well. Congratulations to you all!

As most of you know, I've left Cromwell for a sunnier climate. Best wishes to everyone for the future.

Matt Burdett

Year 9 tourism surveys

Year 9 have been learning about different questionning styles. You can find a sample of their questions about tourism by following this link: Click here to take survey

Please fill in the survey - but be quick, as there is a maximum of 100 respondents per survey! PS Your identity remains totally private - we do not see who you are or ask for any personal information.

Comments? Tell 9a1 - it's their survey!

Main Geography site now online

You can now visit our main school webpage where the Geography subject section has been updated to give much more information than before on topics like:
- our year-old building including recent photographs
- our role in Cromwell's bid for Specialist Humanities Status
- why you should study Geography at GCSE and AS/A2 level
...and lots more! You can find it here or by typing in

The Final Countdown

A reminder to all Year 11 students that the countdown to exams has begun. There are GCSE Geography revision sessions every Thursday afternoon at 3.30pm until 4pm from now until half term.
Visit our dedicated GCSE blog to get more details - and information about how to download the revision materials used in the sessions and in Mr Burdett's class.
Good luck!

Movies cancelled!

Oh dear! Unfortunately it seems the movies placed on the site over Easter didn't download properly. If you want to get your movie, see Mr Burdett at school - bring a disc and I will give you the files you need.


Year 8 go to Hollywood!

...or at least become film makers in Geography at the moment.

Mr Burdett's groups have been making movies using Windows Movie Maker, all about the Mozambique floods in February and March 2000. At the moment we are still uploading them to the internet, and a link will be posted here as soon as that is complete.

In the meantime, if you want to have a go at making your own movie, you can follow some step by step instructions that are available for download at - look in the 'Year 8 movies and instructions' folder for the document. It might be a bit fiddly to start with, but you'll soon get the hang of it - Year 8 certainly did! (NB. Most computers already have Movie Maker but it doesn't appear in the programme file menu. To make it work on your computer at home, go to 'Start' in the bottom left corner of the screen, then click 'Search' and type in 'Movie Maker' - normally you will then get a window with the Movie Maker icon in it, and you just double click to open it up.)

Have fun!

More resources for download

Parents and visiting teachers can now see even more of what their child is studying in Geography at Cromwell. We are gradually placing more and more self-made resources onto to the 4shared site -

New additions include lesson notes, past exam model answers, and PowerPoints about the 2007 Children's Map of the World Competition, the current Mozambique floods and how to build your very own Brazilian shanty town.

As always if you have any concerns or comments, contact us directly at school or via (remember to remove 'NOSPAM' from the address).

cromgeog reaches the 1000 hit mark

This site was begun in the last month of 2006. By the first month of 2007 we have already had 1000 hits on the site. Thanks for your support, and please keep visiting to keep up to date with lessons, resources and anything else to do with Geography at Cromwell Community College.

Mr Burdett and all the geography staff

cromgeoggcse to continue

A reminder to all Year 11 and Year 10 Geography students that is there for your benefit.

The trial period for this site aimed to help absent students keep up to date. The trial has been very successful and we will keep it running for the next term, to the end of the 'People and Place' topic you have recently started.

The information refers directly to what was covered in Mr Burdett's Year 11 lesson but will be useful to any student studying people and the issues surrounding where they live.

Parents can also keep up to date with the homework issued for Mr Burdett's group which is posted on the site over the weekend following it being set.

Add cromgeoggcse to your favourites now!

Antarctica websites

George this is for you!

Class room Antarctica

Cool Antarctica
(This is Mr Ward's site - an excellent resource)

British Antarctic Survey- George if you visit this you can download ALL of the big resource pack that I gave to everyone in June.

Dive Discover

- useful ideas on the ecosystem in the bottom right of the page

Good luck!
Mr B.

Global Warming links for Year 9

These links will help you if you are a year 9 student studying climate chaos. Remember not to copy and paste - make notes in your own words and then write it up when you are away from the computer before adding to your project.

BBC minisite (includes animation)
Environmental Protection Agency (in the USA)
Explain that stuff website
BBC again! (temperature animation)
Carbon calculator

Remember - scientific opinion is now in no doubt that climate change is happening and is caused by humans. If you want to know more about it, search the internet yourself and let your teacher know of any more useful websites.

Year 9 Olympic links

These websites might help the Year 9 students with their Olympic country research. You will need to use several of them if you want to find all the information you need!

Facts about countries
CIA world factbook
Countries and Cities
And of course - the search engines!
Ask for kids

When you get on to the second side, you need to find out about the city you have chosen for your country. Often the best one to do is the capital city as there is usually lots of information. For most countries the following websites might be useful:
Lonely Planet (make sure you type in your city to the search box at the top left)
Time Out
AOL City Guides
Rough Guides (choose the drop down menu under 'City')
MSN City Guides

A2 model answers

I have put more A2 Coasts model answers in the A2 file sharing links (found in the A2 links section on the right hand side). I have put them in a sub-folder of the 'A2 Coasts' section. At present there are 5 model answers for you to look at. Most of them have comments you can view but I strongly suggest you read the essay first before you view the comments.
I will be putting one or two more model answers on the site today (Thursday 21st December) so check back after 4pm, but after today that will be it until January.
Happy Xmas!

Revision guide - advice on what to purchase

Some of you (A2 students) were asking which revision books are good to buy.

My suggestions for the Coasts section of your exam are:
CGP AS Geography: Revision Guide by Richard Parsons - click here to visit Amazon for more details. NOTE THAT THIS IS AN AS TEXT AND CAN ONLY GIVE YOU A BRIEF IMPRESSION OF THE MAIN CONCEPTS - DO NOT RELY ON THIS AS YOUR MAIN TEXT
Access to Geography: Coasts and Coastal Management by Michael Hill - click here to visit Amazon for this

Remember that this close to Christmas you are unlikely to receive posted items very quickly so it may be worth using your NUS discount in a high street shop rather than saving money on the internet. If you are buying on the internet, why not save on postage costs by making a group order between yourself and a couple of friends? Most website don't charge over a certain amount.

Happy revising - and don't forget to keep checking back here this week for more updated past questions etc.